Tutorial Action Plan: Faculty of Philosophy and Art

Beyond the tutorial action plan for each subject and the mobility tutorials, the following tutorial types are available

  1. New student tutorial
  2. Welcome tutorial
  3. Degree tutorial
  4. Overall academic performance tutorial

and the professional placement tutorial is replaced by professional placement activities.
The supervision criteria for new lecturer tutorials, as per article 10.2 in the Academic Regulations, are the responsibility of each department committee.

New Student Tutorials

  1. New student tutorials are optional for students. Attendance is highly recommended.
  2. New student tutorials are academic in nature and held in the month of September. They are organised and given by the head of studies or the person delegated by them.
  3. Students will learn about the following in the tutorials:
    • The Faculty Tutorial Action Plan: information on tutorials, their purpose and how they work.
    • The curriculum: information and guidance on taking academic decisions (subjects, pathways...).
    • General organisational aspects at the UIB: the website, structure and content; information on scholarships, mobility and other university aspects and services: the library, Campus Extens, International Relations Service…

Welcome Tutorial

  1. If deemed necessary, a 'peer-to-peer' tutorial system may be organised where new students are assigned a student from higher year as their tutor.
  2. This type of voluntary tutorial aims to help introduce everyday life at the faculty, as well as promote student representation.

Degree Tutorial

  1. The degree tutorial is the relationship between students and a lecturer once the students are enrolled until they finish their degree studies.
  2. The head of studies will place each student with a lecturer, ensuring the final allocation between lecturers is as fair as possible.
  3. There is no set number of obligatory meetings between tutors and students.
  4. Tutors will, as much as is possible, have information on students' academic performance and attempt to guide them to improve their progress. They will also provide their tutees with all the academic information they themselves or the head of studies deem useful.
  5. Lecturers will have all necessary material made available to them to best answer the most frequently asked questions from students.
  6. Lecturers will keep a record of their meetings with tutees and fill in the forms available in the support material.

Overall Academic Performance Tutorial

  1. Once per semester, and preferably mid-week, the corresponding vice-dean or semester coordinator shall call a meeting with all lecturers and students on courses given in that semester to deal with any aspects related to the general academic progress of students and any coordination difficulties.
  2. Minutes shall be taken at these meetings and submitted to the corresponding Degree Quality Assurance Committee.

Professional Placement Activities

  1. Professional placement activities are those aimed at showing final-year degree students the professional or specialisation possibilities available after completing their programme. 
  2. The office of the dean shall organise an annual meeting on all activities aimed at fourth-year students on degree programmes taught in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.
  3. Practising professionals shall preferably feature in the activities who have wide knowledge on how to access employment opportunities.
  4. Different postgraduate promotion programme events shall also be scheduled.
  5. In order to save time and resources, all activities that may be useful for students on more than one programme shall be scheduled jointly for all programmes involved.